"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

John 10:10

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad news bears

It is a sad state of affairs around here.  Lydia began a good fever Saturday morning.  Since then, at least one girl (and usually two) has had it off and on.  This morning they all woke up happy and feeling better.  Now Lydia and Cora are both hot, and both sleeping.  To make matters worse, the weather is absolutely gorgeous here this week.  If they weren't sick, we'd be outside running our little tails off.  Instead, I have the windows open so the warm air and sunshine can saturate our house.  

So, while the girls have been doing this..
I've been doing this...
Filling my freezer, with the cutest assistant ever.  

We have many guests coming over the next few weeks, with extra mouths to feed.  And remember how I'm leaving my family for a weekend?  Well, I can't leave them empty handed.  You know how I love freezer meals.  I took this opportunity of relative quiet (aside from the groaning, crying, Ibuprofen dispensing, germ destroying, and cuddling) to wash my hands, make the kitchen a mess, wash my hands, and fill our freezer.  We now have meatballs and pepper penne, cranberry chuck roast for the grill, breakfast quiche, white chicken chili, broccoli pesto pasta, yogurt fruit snack cups, burrito mix, oatmeal raisin cookies, and cheesy ham and potatoes just waiting for us to enjoy.  


Alisa said...


The O's said...

geez! you are a crazy woman in the kitchen! wowzers.....good for you!! That's such a good feeling to have all that food in the freezer! Some girlfriends and I recently got together and did this and it was so much fun! Hope the girls start feeling better soon!!

peter marie said...

Ugh. sorry everyone is so sick!!

As far as the quinoa...I cook mine in chicken broth and that helps. I've made a stir fry and used it in place of rice and that's good too. This one I got was "tri colored" and it had a little more excitement to it than the regular stuff.

Rachel Anderson said...

Wow. You are good!!
So, a question from a novice to the freezer (not having had a large enough one until recently acquiring access to a deep freeze) - can you make most any recipe, freeze it, and have it turn out well? Or do you have special freezer meal recipes that work best?