"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

John 10:10

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lydia is 6.

Dear Lydia,

You turn six years old today.  When I think of my sweet Lydia, a smile comes to my lips.  You are so full of life, experiencing everything to the fullest.  Things are either really really wonderful, or really really bad.  You are always skipping, frolicking, wiggling, or hopping from one place to another.  That is you.  

You are very observant, which makes you a talented artist.  You love to draw, color, and paint, with a lot of color.  Sometimes your observations of the world cause me to pause and look at things with new eyes.  Thank you for really seeing.  As you learn to read, write, memorize CC facts, and recite math facts it is obvious that you are very smart.  From the moment you wake up in the morning, you have a smile on your face.  The out of control Lydia has been replaced with my sweet spirited, lovely Lydia.  

You are drawn to other cultures and places.  You love it when we read from our Window on the World book, to see the pictures of other lands and people, and to hear the stories of people who need help.  You are many times the first of your sisters to think of others above yourself.  

You love to play outside, create new concoctions, play house and school, and be with Chloe and Kennedi.  You and Anna are very good friends, although it is amidst many disagreements.  Your Daddy and I love to come peek at you at night when you are sleeping, only to find you in bed with Madeline.  You become concerned if Cora is upset, and love to bring her her blankie to make her happy again.  You are a very blessed and loved little girl.  I think you know that.

Dydi Debra.  Lu Lu.  I cannot wait to see what God has planned for your life.  You bring immeasurable joy to your Mommy and Daddy.  We pray that you will seek God above all others, and walk with Him daily.  We love you and praise God that you are ours.


Madeline is 9.

My dearest Madeline,

I can't believe that you are already nine years old.  You are such a mature and bright girl.  You have experienced a lot these past nine years old with your Mommy and Daddy, and you seem to roll with the punches.  You can make friends easily and don't shy away from being "you."  We love you so much.  I can't explain how my heart swells with pride thinking about how God is molding you.  

You are not a girly girl.  You love to play with Legos, decipher mysteries, and long for more spy equipment.  You are an outside girl.  When we are at your grandparents' houses, you enjoy being outside working with Papa or Baka.  At home, you like to help Daddy when he has a house job to finish.  You could ride your bike all afternoon.  And of course, you love to read.  It is hard keeping enough books stocked to keep you reading.  You especially love reading mysteries right now.  You are very gifted in remembering history.  The colonial, revolutionary, and pioneer eras fascinate you.  This year has been a jump for you in school, with more difficult and simply more work.  You are learning how to deal with challenges, and it is not an easy lesson for anyone.  

Your little sisters adore you.  They turn to you for help, affirmation, and hugs.  You love your family being at home, all together.  Of all the girls, you are the one to get homesick.  

In so many ways I see myself in you.  You are not emotional, but logical and analytical.  You are very thoughtful.  Oftentimes, if I need a gift for someone I will ask you what you think they would enjoy.  I know that these traits will benefit you in many ways as you grow.  Yet I also know the downfall of these traits because I deal with those downfalls myself.  

I pray that you would know God, love God, and serve God all your life.  This is the only way to true joy.  Do not be afraid to do hard things.  Know that your mother and father love you, wholly and completely.  


p.s.  This is two days late.