"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

John 10:10

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A random day indeed

The day started out getting the house ready for our cleaning lady to come.  She comes once a month, and it helps me remain sane.  While it is a monumental task getting everything put where it is suppose to be, that is part of the beauty of the arrangement.  I know that once a month the house will be completely put together.  It is also one of the difficulties of cleaning house.  By the time everything gets put to its rightful place, I'm too tired to clean.  Juanita waltzes in and helps me out.  

After everything was in order, all the girls accompanied me to my doctor appointment.  I'm 35 weeks today!  The reality that this baby is really coming within the next 6 weeks has hit home.  One thing we have checked off the "baby is coming" checklist is a vehicle to fit all 8 of us!  Here is our new (to us!) Honda Odyssey.  After researching and considering 8 seated options, I decided I could not part from my push the button and the door opens feature of a mini van.  We are figuring out how to configure everyone in there, but there is enough room for our growing family.  I love it!

After the doctor, we completed the very important tasks of dropping off items we don't really need at Goodwill, depositing money in the bank, getting gas, and filling an asthma prescription at Walgreens.  Everyone was doing so great, I decided to push it.  (I think it was the novelty of the new van and excitement that we weren't at home doing school.)  We headed up to north Lincoln to check out bunk beds.  

Yet another item on the "baby is coming" checklist:  beds for everyone.  I got the good news this morning that my mom and sisters may be coming for a weekend in April to help prepare for baby so I really started to think about what needs to get done.  One priority is rearranging rooms.  I originally was going to just get an additional bunk bed, throw some girls together, and call it good.  But as the girls and I sat at the furniture store talking, we came up with many different options that all have their merits for who goes where.  One thing leads to another and now I'm thinking I'll take this opportunity to completely rearrange everyone and rehab the rooms.  See this little Petunia screaming her head off in the bath tub because she threw everything out of the bath tub?  Yes, she is the wild card.  Who do I put her with? 

After eating some nummy Carlos O'Kelly's (Tuesday is discounted kids meal days), stopping in Dress Barn to look for a dress for a very pregnant lady (I resisted going in to that store for years simply because of its atrocious name, but may be appropriate at this point), and getting everyone to bed for naps, I started looking at beds and bedroom inspiration online.  That is when the toddler beds caught my eye.  We've never used a toddler bed.  But they are so cute!  And space and money saving compared to other options, I think I'll tuck the Jules in a toddler bed in someone's room.  After nap time, we were measuring and brainstorming.  We have three decent but not big bedrooms to work with.  I'm still not sure what we'll end up with.  

At 4:30, Lydia showed me that her wire on her braces was out.  The last time this happened it was a Saturday morning and I would temporarily put it back in every couple hours.  I didn't want to do that again, so we buzzed in to the orthodontist for a quick fix before they closed.  Mark is in South Dakota tonight for a quick work trip, so supper was "whatever you can find or create and clean up."  I finished my leftover Carlos'.  I'm to the point where I can't eat too much at one sitting because my stomach is so squished.  

Now it is bath time and bed.  You may be wondering, what about school?  Well, they're watching Magic School Bus right now.  Isn't that the homeschool mom's favorite fall back?  Actually, we have been very dilligent with school lately and haven't had a day off in a while so this was our small spring break.  

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