"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

John 10:10

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The New Proverbs 31 Woman

When I read this piece, I laughed and was inspired. I hope you are too. 

"An excellent wife, who can find? She is far more precious than diamonds, stocks, or blackberries. The heart of her husband trusts in her, because he knows that she has his best interest in mind. Every day of her life, she will benefit him and he will never be sorry he married her.

She plans carefully to be sure her family enjoys delicious and nutritious meals. She even drives a long way to get the best deals at the supermarkets. She makes everyone's favorite meals and she keeps the refrigerator stocked with yummies. She gets up, sometimes before sunrise, to make breakfast for her family, pack lunches, and makes sure that everyone gets to their appointments that day. She does all this without the help of one single maid.

She has a small garden where she grows tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. She plants all sorts of pretty flowers around the house and keeps the shrubbery looking nice, too. Her arms are strong, but her nails look terrible because she spends several hours each week scrubbing the bathtub and washing dishes. The lights in her house are on late at night because she is busy helping little children with their homework and ironing clothes for the next day.

She makes meals for the sick and elderly at her church and she takes in visiting ministers and missionaries. She writes letters to her church's missionaries and sends them special gifts at Christmas. She takes care of her parents and tries to remember the birthdays of her nieces and nephews. When shopping, she buys baby clothes for a new mom she knows that doesn't have a lot of money. When she goes to church, she works in the nursery, teaches Sunday school, and makes great dishes for the potluck. She never complains and everyone appreciates her work.

She is not afraid of the coming snow, because there are several blue plastic bins of last year's Winter clearance tucked safely int he garage. She searches for all the best deals on clothing, bedding, and linens, so her family always looks great and her house is clean, comfortable, and pretty.

Her husband is successful and well-respected because he never needs to worry about his home and children - they're in good hands. She finds clever ways to provide extra income for the family. She sells things on Ebay, transcribes medical transcripts, teaches piano lessons, babysits, sells Pampered Chef, and does freelance writing. Her friends make a lot of money working a full-time jobs, but she doesn't feel inferior because she exemplifies strength and dignity. She is irreplaceable. She knows that anyone can manage a business, but only she can manage her home.

With the precious few minutes of quiet time that she can find, she reads and prays, acquiring wisdom for herself and her family. She speaks with kindness, never gossiping or complaining, and she is a beloved mentor to younger women. She considers carefully the atmosphere at her home, and she guards it from bad behaviors and attitudes. She plays beautiful music and keeps good books accessible. She is always busy working, and she rarely has time to watch TV.

Her children are not disrespectful and they love her. Her husband cannot help but praise her. Many women are good wives, but she surpasses them all. She is not deceived by the craze for youth and beauty, and it doesn't bother her, that after having four children, her figure doesn't make the cover of Self Magazine. She knows that the crazed obsession with outward appearances and self fulfillment are silly and empty. She is confident because her life is founded on the fear of the Lord and she knows that her work is meaningful.

Don't believe me? Look around. See all that she has accomplished and the people that she has nurtured. She really doesn't need anyone's approval because her own works give her lasting joy and fulfillment, but nevertheless, she will be praised because her work and character are self-evident. "

Written by Dana Gage, in "The Well Planned Day 2009-2010 Planner"

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